October 21, 2008

i had a beautiful weekend;
long days of walks in Harvard Square
and cannolis from the North End
and sleeping in,
in a bed full of warmth and early sunlight
and him and me

i struggle with saying goodbye lately
because it always reminds me of
how much time we have left;
it’s hard knowing that it’s still so long
before we never have to say goodbye again

but here i am,
tired and a little sore
and still a little sad
waiting for tomorrow
because after just so many tomorrows,
i won’t be waiting anymore.


October 11, 2008

a little drunk;
these are the nights when
i laugh to keep from crying
and when someone asks me why
i went silent so suddenly,
i just smile and change the subject.

i just want to be held.

autumn rose and nectarine sunsets and the streetlights are on
early in the evenings
it’s dark at not-quite-seven
and it’s cold, this
New England wind.
drafty dorm rooms
still, at least my kitchen seems cozy
with pumpkin and crimson walls
and someone always at the stove,
stirring soup or pasta or
life is flying;
the world outside my window is shades of purple
and leaves turning yellow on the tree
i still love the sea blue color of my walls,
and the way my photographs stand out against it
my down comforter, faithful winter friend
keeps me warm at night when he can’t be here.
i love to lie down in the darkness and
pull my pillow close and
breathe in the smell of him that still lingers
on the teddy bear he gave me.
10 days until he’s here,
and we can walk together under red and gold trees
it is fall here again;
my friends are turning 20
we are all really adults now,
reaching that second decade
when we can’t admit we don’t know how
and have to pretend like we do
i’ve been living from p-set to exam to p-set –
days drop away in pieces
suddenly it’s two days later,
or next week
and i’m still wondering where my time went
my semester is 1/3 over
not so much, in the great scheme
but it seems like i just got here last week.
i’m feeling older, but not old
even though my hands are aching with the cold again
see, here it is:
whenever someone tells you "these
are the best days of your life,"
they are lying
because tomorrow always
always has the potential
to be even better.

October 4, 2008

Sarah Palin is, perhaps, the first politician who i have wanted to meet in person for the sole reason that i would like to punch her in the face.  she’s a one-trick pony incapable of thinking for herself.  she relies on her "hockey mom" persona to help her capture votes, while continuing to prove that she is unable to provide solid, direct support for any statement she makes. 

i honestly think i will leave America if McCain and Palin win.  of course, i’ll wait until after college…but i think Micah and i might move to some Canadian province for grad school, and stay there until we have a competent democrat in office.

so there’s my political two cents for today.