October 21, 2008

i had a beautiful weekend;
long days of walks in Harvard Square
and cannolis from the North End
and sleeping in,
in a bed full of warmth and early sunlight
and him and me

i struggle with saying goodbye lately
because it always reminds me of
how much time we have left;
it’s hard knowing that it’s still so long
before we never have to say goodbye again

but here i am,
tired and a little sore
and still a little sad
waiting for tomorrow
because after just so many tomorrows,
i won’t be waiting anymore.


One Response to “”

  1. Remember when we were in middle school, dreaming about what it would be like to have a boyfriend? Can you believe how quickly the time passed? That time will be here so much sooner than you think. Just make sure I get an invitation to the wedding.

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