December 5, 2009

things to write about:
– the first snow
– losing Ginger
– going to France in the spring
– the leaves are gone on my tree
– my room smells like Christmas, candles on my windowsill
– a fireplace, a lit up tree, a blanket, and a boyfriend
– engagement rings (engagements?)
–  the end of the semester

but first:

two 10 page papers, a 5 page paper, a 10 minute presentation, and three finals.

a flight home

a chance to breathe


2 Responses to “”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hello 🙂
    I feel I should really introduce myself, seeing as I drop by your blog from time to time and I feel a little like a stalker every time I do so without even letting you know I exist – and saying hello would probably be a good start. My name’s Sarah, and I think I must have come across you on the LJ Lettergraveyard community… and fell in love with your writing style. Anyway, now I’ve introduced myself I really don’t have very much to add, except – all the very best for 2010 (and if you and Micah are engaged now, huge congratulations :))
    Sarah x

    • alie Says:

      hi Sarah,

      no worries, you aren’t stalking – that’s why the blog is public! i’m glad you’ve been enjoying the writing. as someone in the scientific field, i find it hard to maintain my creative outlets, and it’s always wonderful to hear when someone appreciates the efforts i have made!

      i’m afraid that this blog will be on something of a hiatus for the semester, as i am out of the country and will be busy learning a new language/traveling around Europe. but i do hope that you’ll check in every once in a while, because i will certainly return again in the summer. i hope you’ll come back if only to find out the outcome of Micah’s and my relationship – we aren’t engaged now, but based on our discussions, it will likely happen in the next year or so!

      thank you again for your comment, i really appreciate it, and i hope that you’ll continue to enjoy the (few) things i post!


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