September 20, 2009

the leaves are changing already
my hair is long enough to
get in the way, now.
time is flying –
already it is afternoon, and the
yellow-tinged green maple
just outside is leaving dapples
on my pillow and windowsill.
in the dark of the night,
Micah whispered to me about
the early days of us –
the first time we met, first date
first kiss
the first time we made love
my  body is craving contact;
i want to feel a gentle hand on mine
a kiss on the forehead
a heartbeat beneath my cheek,
falling asleep with my head on his shoulder
it is indescribably difficult;
you would think, with time, one would
accept and adapt
but it is never really easier –
you just become numb faster.
i am surviving, as always
and when i am falling asleep
in the dark, alone
he’s there in my ear, telling me
how beautiful i am
and i think touching my heart
is more important than touching me.


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