September 15, 2009

sorry for my absenteeism;
my life lately:
saying goodbye (hate, oh i hate)
visiting friends, family,
favorite restaurants
flying back to Boston with
sick/excitement in my stomach
landing, and suddenly
excitement is winning
two days to move in (a new,
bigger room)
then Elodie (my friend from Paris)
arrived a day earlier than expected
we spent 3 days in NYC, and too much money
but had a wonderful time – worth it.
back to Boston, straight into school.
a thousand emails to send, a thousand
applications to submit, a thousand
things to print and sign and remember.
ahh, the joys of fall.
my new room has a river view;
in the morning the sun shines in around my shades
creeping into my eyes, heating the room
as the sun sets, the whole Boston skyline
lights up on fire, and then at night
the lights and the moon are bright
on the good old Charles river.
busy busy busy busy
i really should leave it at that for now
Elodie is asleep on my floor, and
i already have homework!


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