August 7, 2009

this afternoon, i sat on the
screen porch at Braeburn
watching the rain drip off the eaves
reading a good book
that reminded me of high school
Micah was reading beside me,
until head nodding, leaning on my shoulder
his hands giving those funny little
jumps, like always, he fell asleep.
i listened to the rain on the roof
remember being little, watching
waiting for the sun
so we could swim and play
and remember David, in out of the rain
dashing past him into the downpour
feeling it on my skin and face and hair
Micah slept, a reassuring warm weight.
yesterday we canoed the river
sunlight and clouds, the whole world
open above and the riverbed
in ripples below
and camped out on a sand bar
not far from home, built a fire
cooked our own dinner
and as the sun set, we lay together in
our tiny tent, reading together
and fell asleep side by side
we didn’t have to think about
school, or work, or our futures
we could just
stare into the fire, slapping mosquitos,
watching the river slip past
and when we were tired,
we turned off our lamps and went to sleep.
it was a beautiful week of vacation;
i’m sad it’s over –
especially when i remember that
2 weeks from now is the last time
i’ll see him until October;
8 weeks apart (we’ve done this,
we have, it’s not so hard, i know, i know)
already i feel the tears in me
the unfairness eats me up, and life isn’t fair
the world isn’t fair, and aren’t i a lucky girl?
this summer has been up and down
and gone by much too quickly
i don’t want to say goodbye again.


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