July 27, 2009

(here it is then:)
((i have a deep, dark confession))
it’s raining outside tonight
smells like summer time and
nostalgia, like cement and
sticking grass blades and
running barefoot and damp t-shirts.
(i’ve missed this)
((i miss having this with you))
(((i still miss you)))
i went for a walk by myself,
alone/but not alone
and remembering as always
blues skies on the ceiling of my bathroom
floating, walking, running
cigarette smoke swirling and twirling
dragon’s breath.
razor blades and nicks on my knee
i want to walk all night
tonight like it will never end
circles in this old town of mine,
with my head in clouds
of memories and misty street lights
the rain falling on my skin
seemed warm until it touched me;
it raised goosebumps where it fell,
pale and shivering
and walking alone
i never knew i could feel so old
and so naive at once.
(and here’s my secret:)
((i don’t love you anymore))
(((but i miss walking with you)))
((((and sometimes))))
(((((i still walk the streets)))))
((((((hoping to run into you))))))


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