July 19, 2009

already quit my shitty job;
i’m sorry, but
9 hour shifts with
no break and no food
for only $50 a shift
is not quite worth my time –
i’d rather scrimp this fall
and enjoy my last few weeks of
summer; last few weeks already,
already so close to the end
two years ago yesterday
was our first kiss
on the couch in my basement
the couch is long gone,
but the kisses are still here
at least when we’re in the same state.
it’s hard to put into words
the way that thinking about fall
makes me feel; sad, yes, and excited
and angry and happy and all sorts of things
amazed, mostly –
it’s been more than two years,
past the halfway point of my
undergraduate education
so much to do and so much to decide
and keeping my fingers crossed, always
that in the end, we’re together
i’m trying not to think about it too hard
in the meantime,
it is summer –
we are spending our nights sprawled
across my bed, laughing
watching movies, visiting Alterra
walking by the lakefront,
mini-road trips, dinners at home
i still don’t want to grow up;
this is still too much fun.


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