July 15, 2009

been drinking
a lot, red red wine
the world swirling around
plastic wine glasses
and the cool breeze, remembering
paul and david and
insecurities long past
work sucked today;
the lab was fine, but at
the restaurant, for $2.50 an hour
i hauled boxes, ran food, ran drinks,
and made $6 in tips in 4 hours.
Micah’s in St. Louis;
they’re recording this week
it seems like he’s been gone for ages,
even though he just left Sunday
i just miss him, i want
a hug and maybe a kiss and
possibly even somewhere to lay my
tipsy head, my mouth tastes like
pinot noir and i’m wishing for arms
around me, wishing for things
i thought i’d stopped wishing for.


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