July 3, 2009

here is what i wrote
two years ago last night:
"was that a date?"
and it was, as it turns out
watching the first Transformers movie
(for free!) and sitting at
Starbucks, talking, talking, talking
until it was time to go home
two years ago,
when i was insecure and
ready to run away
still hurting from paul
and along came this boy
with bright blue eyes that
crinkle when he smiles,
and a silly little laugh
with skinny wrists and knobbled hands
who taught me what it really means
to be in love.
last night we went to Summerfest
and danced on the benches at Guster
with his arms around my waist
pressing kisses against my ear
two years already
i can say without blinking
that they have been the best of my life
and we’ve got our differences,
passed the "honeymoon" period
and had fights and annoyances
but because of that,
he knows exactly who i am
and chooses to love me anyway.
i can’t think of any better reason
to be with someone.
so two years have passed,
and i am looking forward
to the next two, and the next two
and the rest of our lives
because i can’t wait to see where we go.


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