May 21, 2009

it is a delightfully hot and sunny day outside
the kind that makes you want to sit in the shade
all afternoon, wearing cotton skirts
and maybe drinking some lemonade.
i had my last exam this morning;
it was very hard, and far too long,
but it’s over now.
i’ll be home in 48 hours,
finally finally.
you’ve missed some things in these last
few days; last Monday night, while i was
waiting for rehearsal to begin, my father
called me and told me that my mom was
in the hospital. 
she’s all right now, but it was a scary couple
of days.  she had a perforated ulcer,
needed emergency surgery, a week in the
hospital…all of that fun stuff.
she’s home, resting for a few weeks
healing before she can go back to work.
i got a part time job for the summer –
i’ll be working in a lab, doing
research on corticosteroids in rats.
if you have no idea what that means, don’t worry.
i’m just excited because it will be fun for me.
Micah’s job hunting as i write –
he’s been home for a week already,
spending time with family and friends
i’m going crazy wanting to be back. 
i can’t believe (truly, i CAN’T)
that i’m halfway done with MIT – where is my time going?
it’s been two years already, and only
two more to go.  before another
God knows how many….hurray for med school!
3 1/2 hours of sleep have left me somewhat


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