May 4, 2009

raining just a little,
the whole night
smells like wet pavement
and fresh grass
8 days of classes left
18 days until i go home
i am thinking of the summertime –
all my nights full of
warm rain, and haloed streetlights
sitting on a bench swing
made by four boys for their mother
watching the purple-orange clouds
walks on the Milwaukee pier,
seeing the whole city lit up
stars bound to the shoreline
deep dark waves rolling
remembering nights on Lake Erie
stripping to our underwear (or less) and running
across the cement
flying for just an instant – !
landing in the water, felt like
landing in the sky
and floating black water
doesn’t seem frightening
when it shines with the stars
like living inside a crystal ball –
everything reflecting and deflecting.
this summer,
we will lie naked in my bed
on humid summer evenings
sticky, too hot, but
lying close together anyway
i will turn the fan up high,
so we can doze off listening to it hum
i am looking forward to a beautiful three months.


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