Valentine’s Day

February 16, 2009

so lately
the weather is up-and-down
and we’re somehow about to start
the third week
somehow my classes don’t feel real
even though i just finished my
first p-set
probably because my classes are
much much less work now
(that’s what happens when you are
"an easy major" at MIT)
it is only 17 days until Micah is here
strangely enough
it is amazing/frustrating that we’re
already/only just past the halfway mark
between visits.
i feel physically numb;
i’ve forgotten what it feels like to be held
but there is a beautiful bouquet of roses
holding court over my desk,
crimson heads nodding approval as
j’ecris en francais
my phone rang at 8 am on Saturday
(Valentine’s Day, i’d semi-forgotten)
a delivery man was waiting at the locked door
and pushed the vase into my arms,
glad to be rid of them
so i shuffled back to my room, half asleep
disheveled, bath-robed
in a few days i will hang them upside down
to let them dry, so i can save them
and maybe in 20 or so years
i will open a shoe box full of moldering
petals and stems and i will say,
"the first roses you sent me,
do you remember?"
he will smile, wrinkles cut deep,
grey and silver in his hair and his eyes
and hand me another vase full of
red red roses
and kiss me like he always does,
like (i cross my fingers)
he always will.
so even if i can’t quite remember what
his lips feel like
(it always fades, after a few weeks)
thoughts like these help remind me
it is like riding a bicycle:
even if you don’t quite remember,
you never quite forget.


One Response to “Valentine’s Day”

  1. h0peurhappy Says:

    you go to MIT? how did i manage to find an lj friend going to school in the same city

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