January 11, 2009

it snowed the other night –
the same soft, empty, silence
often filling this little city’s sky
and when i came home in this quiet
at the intersection of 68th and Wisconsin
as i so often do,
i felt the pull of my past
it was two years ago again,
i was at that very corner
walking toward paul’s house
with him walking toward me
home again, and stepping out of the car
the snow was falling past the streetlights
shooting stars, diamonds,
the glitter i played with as a child
stoplights flashing – red, yellow, red
writing their own poem so long after the fact
paul did not give those nights their magic;
the snow, and being in love, did
so now two years later
i am really in love this time, and the magic
is in everything, and the snow
will always fall just as beautifully
even those questions that i haven’t yet
heard the answers to
don’t need to be answered –
i am complete without them.


2 Responses to “”

  1. This is an exquisite entry. May I add to memories without racking up creeper points?

    (And after careful consideration, I agree. “Orange dreamsicle” is the perfect word for mistynight streetlamps. But summer evenings, it becomes “tangerine firefly.” Maybe. I will mull over that, again. But there is something different, I think, in clear nights. I remember sitting on a hill, alone, with fireflies, streetlamps, and daffodils all around, and that will stay with me forever. The color! It was comforting. Like reading Ralph Waldo Emerson, light with conviction, a quiet illumination.)

    • yes. yes. clear, warm, fresh-cut-grass nights when you walk on the sidewalk barefoot and don’t mind the prickly surface. the streetlamps are so different then. “tangerine firefly” is beautiful…makes me think of going home with the windows down in the summer time, watching the lights wink in and out of sight between the trees as i drive with the music oh-so-soft, maybe singing along, maybe swirling my fingers out the window in the air so full of memory that i can hold it in my hands.

      i find that i can’t be creeped out by someone who writes so lyrically…in fact i am nothing but flattered. if you like it enough to want to save it, by all means. i’m glad that you enjoyed it!

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