the small things

December 29, 2008

a very different tone in this post,
as one can expect when
time passes and problems are resolved

but here, late on a Sunday night
in the empty week between Christmas and
New Years
after spending the evening
lying with him
with a blanket pulled up over our heads
pretending to be sneaky children
playing beneath the covers
our giggles muffled by the down comforter
and his arms pulling me in tight
kisses on all of the skin he can reach
whispering about the night we made love for the first time
running my hands down the length of his back
and looking into his eyes of blue fractals
i am reminded yet again
of how much love there is in my life.


4 Responses to “the small things”

  1. Oh man, I loved this so much.
    It made me so happy too.
    It just about brought a tear to my eyes.
    I’m not even kidding.

  2. lovelymouse Says:

    That sounds amazing.

    I want that again =(

    • i am a big believer in the idea that everyone will, someday, have this – as long as they’re willing to fight for it.

      i hope that you find it again sooner, rather than later. chin up!

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