singing love songs

November 23, 2008

i was right;
he did kiss my hands
and many other places,
this weekend was a whirlwind
the concert went well! 
my voice was very tired before
the show even started, but
i thought that Fidelity went very well
and Shut Up and Drive wasn’t awful.
i tried not to be stressed all weekend,
which was hard
considering that BNS got in 3
hours late and then
there was a lot of complaining
and disorganization
but it all worked out, in the end
and there were some beautiful moments –
like sitting next to Micah at the Italian restaurant
and talking with his friends
and seeing my friends all cheering for me
from the audience, and hearing
"you stole the show" and knowing that
they really do care about me
kissing Micah goodbye
just outside of the T station, as they
all got ready to leave and knowing that
it’s only 4 days until i see him again,
because this time i am incredibly lucky
and we’ll both be home, home, home
in just a few days
so while i am quite exhausted
and pretty glad that i’m not responsible for
11 boys anymore,
life is still looking pretty good.

singing Fidelity

Micah, singing War on Sound

congratulatory embraces…this just makes me smile!



3 Responses to “singing love songs”

  1. Awww! You look absolutely stunning in those pictures, darling!

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