November 13, 2008

the response on that last entry
was almost overwhelming;
i’m new to this
"having livejournal friends"
thank you for your well-wishes –
there’s a lot of work to be done
before the performance next week,
but i have faith that things will work out
it’s just going to be a bit
well, all right, very
that’s all right;
it will be worth it in the end.
a lot of music to learn, and
publicity to organize (i’m publicity chair)
and homework to finish
Micah arrives on Friday at noon,
along with his entire acappella group –
they are our guest performers for the show,
so i will have 11 boys (one of them is mine)
to keep entertained for 3 days
they’re all very fun, thoughtful guys
so we’ll have a great weekend,
i’m sure.
i won’t lie, though –
i’m most looking forward to that time
late on Friday night,
8 days from now
when everyone else has gone away
and Micah and i can lock my door
strip down to our nothing/everything
and relearn all of the curves and angles.

in other news:
my brother is a Marine now
really, officially
he passed all of the tests and all of the training
and in two days he flies home to Milwaukee for two weeks
to spend with friends and family
then it’s off to more training –
and then?
who knows.
i’m trying not to think about it too hard;
after all, we’re still in the middle of a war
or two
i am so proud of him
for reaching this goal – it’s something
he’s wanted for a long time
so, i am happy for him
and i am happy that he sees brightness
in his future;
he has grown up a lot
and now he’s going somewhere
just like anyone else.


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