November 5, 2008

something else:
i was talking to Micah
about this recent election
we were talking about the
amendments that passed, including
a law in Washington that will allow for
doctor assisted suicide. 
i said that i thought people should have the right;
i wouldn’t want to watch
my family watching me die
he said that he wouldn’t want to go
before he had to, because
he wanted to spend every second he had
with me
and i am realizing again
again, again
(will i ever say it enough?
i don’t think it’s possible)
because he loves me
more than i ever knew i could
ever be loved
and i know we are both young,
and we are so far apart
but i can hear it in his voice
every time he says it
how much he really means
"i love you"
and i know that he would
give me the moon if i asked him for it
he looks at me
inside and out
and sees
who i am
and well, really, it’s just that
when he says those words
i can see our lives ahead of us
and the future is so bright


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  1. oh, love is the sweetest thing. this entry made me smile 🙂

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