September 6, 2008

tonight is an "i miss you a lot" night

because of the rain, i think
like those nights at home this summer
soft yellow lamplight
heavy summer rains and fat warm drops
walking to the house, wet skin and hair,
up the stairs
the way my bedroom door clicked shut
peeling away wet t-shirts and jeans
my skin was always cold, with goosebumps
he’d walk across the room to me,
long limbs narrow waist
naked and pale and beautiful
wrap me up tight in his arms
curling against his warm radiator chest
while he kissed the top of my head
or my nose, or my cheek
making love with the light on
so i could see every line
every glance every touch
sticky sweet heat while we moved together
and the fan whispered its breeze between us
around us
the soft noises he made against my neck,
those little gasps that he tried to hide
and afterward how he would go still
breathing heavy, limbs heavy
kissing my skin over and over and over
whispering that he loved me.

that’s what i miss tonight.


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