September 4, 2008

classes already?
oh Lord.
i’m drinking iced earl grey
(it’s too hot for real tea)
and trying to read a book about statistics
when really i want to go to sleep
or maybe a stroll by the river
or maybe to fast forward a month or so
lately i am never quite content;
i am still learning this new/old place
classes this semester:
statistics for brain & cognitive science
introduction to neuroscience
jazz history
plus (hopefully) a job doing research in a lab
and tutoring middle school students in Boston
and learning to sail
and joining the photography club
and singing with the Muses
i know that’s a lot of "and"s
but every "and" will make my time go faster.
my suite is wonderful this year;
all sophomore girls,
my four best friends, really
we painted our kitchen red and orange
and my room is still a pale bluegreen sky
with pictures up to the ceiling around the window
over my desk
i feel a little down tonight
wanting to be there, knowing i can’t
wanting to be happy, knowing i can’t
(not fully, not yet)
everything is just fine
just a little, well, mediocre
everyone has off days.
i’m just sort of tired, and missing him
as always
still, i’m learning
and it’s getting a little easier
or, if not easier,
at least not as hard.
just going day by day
until the days are done.

my room this fall

our kitchen

the chapel on campus

the one beautiful building on campus


i miss home.


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  1. That looks like a very nice place to live!

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