May 20, 2008

oh my God i have so much crap.

is it strange that i am not sad to be leaving?
everyone else seems to feel somewhat hesitant.
perhaps it’s because i have something of a different incentive
still, i can’t help but find it odd
that there are only two or three people i will actually miss
and my singing, i will miss the Muses a lot.
i already miss rehearsals. 

i have spent the evening packing;
i’m still very tired
and i don’t quite know what to do with myself
it’s such a strange feeling, knowing that
my brain can rest for three whole months.

oh,  and so much to look forward to
if only i can figure out how to make all of my things fit in my bag.


One Response to “”

  1. I wasnt the least bit sad when classes ended and such
    Everyone else didn’t wanna leave and I was just like “seeyaaa”

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