May 18, 2008

2 down
2 to go
it’s all downhill from here,
physics E&M and multivariable calc were the brain killers.
i’m about to go take a nap
before i start studying for biology and psychology.
on an unrelated note,
my hands are already starting to look old
which i don’t mind so much,
since it just means i do a lot of things with them.
i am very tired.

it’s so real and so unreal
in two days i’ll be home again.

i just found out that my younger brother is officially enlisted in the US Marines.
this is frightening on more than one level:
of course, the fact that we still have this
stupid war going on has me somewhat nervous –
but he’ll be in the US training for a good two years
before he could be sent abroad.
but, in a strange way,
i’m also shocked by the fact that
i’m old enough that my little brother
is going to be a Marine.


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