May 6, 2008

i was going to write about
how all i want is to
go home right now –
except then i had a reality check:
working my ass off for my dream
is the best possible thing i could be doing.
and even though this class seems worthless,
it will be over in two weeks
and this test will be done by this time tomorrow.

springtime has hit Boston at long last;
the field is green and i hear
softball games in the afternoons
it makes it hard to focus on studying –
i wanted it to rain this afternoon so i could
feel like sitting at my desk was a good thing.
the tree outside my window
has been slow to bud; but finally,
i see some green
and the air smells like apple blossoms.

Micah just called to say hello
and tell me that he loves me
and that i should call him when i go to bed,
like i always do.

even when things seem so terrible and i just
want to go to sleep and pretend like
there’s nothing more to do here,
even when my friends flake out and
sometimes i wonder if i should be somewhere else –
less expensive, closer to him, anything –
here it is, now:
this is my place,
and i am becoming happy here
even if it’s not as easy as i thought it would be.

i am a terribly lucky person.


One Response to “”

  1. schizometria Says:

    It is such a rare thing to hear people say they’re lucky.

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