but more

April 3, 2008

words aren’t quite strong enough;
the simple three
well, they seem nice enough
but they don’t say everything
you know, they don’t say
“i have never been happier than
when i watch your face as you sleep
before i kiss you awake on a Sunday morning”
and of course they can’t say
“the way you smiled just now, the way
your eyes winked, that, well
that is just beautiful.”
and i don’t think they make it quite clear
that every second of every day i feel you
inside and out
and how can just three words
explain the way that
when you take my face in your hands
and kiss me makes me
know you mean it
i wish we were like the eskimos
who have hundreds of words for different
kinds of snow, but no word for just
i wish i had a hundred thousand ways to tell you
exactly what you mean to me
from your hands to your lips to your eyes
your heart to your head to your laugh
everything, it’s fairly simple but
somehow it’s not enough
i guess the only thing i can say is,
i love you
but more.


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