summer sundaes

April 1, 2008

rain nights and
trains, and orangey-purple lights
and the way the tree shadows brush
across my face
somehow it’s a dream
of a memory of a dream
when raindrops are diamonds
or maybe curtains of stars on the window
when the breeze is humming
someone is maybe singing very quietly
and years ago these quiet nights
when everything is still but breathing
there seemed to me a deep sadness in it all
hurt silence, filled with things
better left unsaid
and then again,
one evening when the world was quiet
i lay on a swing with my head in a boy’s lap
as the sky grew outwards
the night breathed in
he ran his fingers through my hair
told me that he helped build the swing
his hands were cool and i felt
all the quiet and rain in the air
i looked up at his face and
how suddenly beautiful the world seemed
we both stopped talking
and let the earth go on turning
the quietness wasn’t a silence, it was
a calm, joyful sweetness
like blooming flowers, crickets in the grass
sundaes on the back porch
the smoke after the grand finale
on the fourth of july.
his hand on my cheek
i could feel his pulse beating
how delicate it seemed, the moment
my head in his lap and the whole of everything
spinning on by.
he bent down and kissed me
eyes dark and wide and full of the night
and crinkled at the corners with happiness
here now, a thousand or so miles
and eight months away
i remember
those eyes of happiness and nighttime
and cool hands and the earth breathing
and the quiet in everything is
well, just beautiful
that’s all.


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