a visit from St. Louis to Boston

March 21, 2008

there is a moment just
in silence
everything is so far away
a rushing, swirling feeling
holding my breath
fingers curled so tight
curving just right
lightning stars exploding
black and red eyelids and
stretched so thin and
when i breathe in,
i can taste the rain and wind
and sweat and skin
slipping into myself
languid and quiet
it’s like waking into a dream
i find
your head resting on my shoulder
all shadows and lines
half-circle of dark eyelashes
closed against your cheek
iron bars for arms, i’m held
still though i’m still shaking
gentle lips on my collarbone
eyelashes open, darkdarkblue eyes
and the way the corners wrinkle
when you smile
faces close together and
cheeks touching
inch on inch of skin on skin
and kisses, soft
i’m so in love still.


One Response to “a visit from St. Louis to Boston”

  1. schizometria Says:

    This is lovely.

    I love love. 🙂

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