February 24, 2008

lately things seem to be
well, all right
and coffee on winter mornings
wishes for kisses
stretching awake nakedly brilliant
work work and more work
(but really i’m a terrible procrastinator)
i found some old writings
yesterday, i read about
my high school self and
i used to be so hurt and angry at the world,
i was mad at everyone
and i was always wanting more
but never knowing more of what?
again, this time it’s only 19 days
and he’ll be here
time flies when you’re having fun
or when you have deadlines
i’m fine, really,
and when i said it i mean it this time
things are okay and i’m not afraid
or wishing for more.


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  1. “stretching awake nakedly brilliant” — I don’t even know what it means, but I love the sound of it. This entry is kind of very beautiful.

    Is it legit that I’m reading your LJ? You link on it from your facebook…

    (oh and P.S. I’m Shanying)

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