January 24, 2008

roommate drama:
mine seems convinced
that it’s totally cool
for her gross hairy boyfriend
to sleep over every night.
i’m getting really frustrated,
i can’t wait to move out.
i feel like my personal space is being invaded.
my room is my space,
where i can be me
and relax
but it’s hard to relax
when there’s some creeper around
whose alarm wakes me up in the mornings.


One Response to “”

  1. Here are some ideas:

    -Walk around naked. No one wants their boyfriends around other naked girls.
    -Everytime you come home and he’s there start complaining about cramps and other things that are too girly for him to handle.
    -Leave tampons everywhere.
    -Don’t take out your trash. Ever.
    -Put itching powder or some other irritant all over their sheets.
    -Pretend like you have a crush on her boyfriend.
    -Stop bathing
    -Every time he’s over, call Micah and proceed to be as annoyinglu cute and sappy as possible during your conversation. If you do this, make sure to tell Micah before hand so he doesn’t get scared and hang up.
    -Practice opera
    -Unplug his alarm clock every night.
    -Kick them both out. Now you have your own room! Yay! Then invite all of your friends and have a party!

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