January 19, 2008

six months last night
that’s a little bit terrifying,
in its own way
Micah and i, we had a very nice dinner
went out
saw his brother’s play
i gave him the book i made;
it made me happy to see how much
he appreciated it.
he gave me a blown glass flower,
beautiful and blue.
i just need to think of a way to get it back to school safely.
it’s been so strange so far
because well
in my head i was just praying to make it
here, to break
and when i got here i put
myself on hold
i didn’t want to think about next semester.
but now
well he’s leaving on Monday
and i’m back on Tuesday
i can’t pretend this is going to last forever
as much as i wish i could
this is going to be hard, i know
even when i’ll be seeing him in
less than a month
i don’t want to lose this
every day with him
this drowsing asleep together
this sense of right
this everything
but i can hold on,
i know i can
because it’s only getting more right
and i’m finding out that he isn’t perfect
which only makes him more perfect
i don’t want to start packing.


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