December 8, 2007

i’m having problems with my roommate
mostly that she and her boyfriend
keep locking me out of my room
when i have work that i need to do there
i wish they would stop having sex in
my personal space,
especially considering that he
has a single in his grad dorm.

on the plus side,
i’m getting a single next semester
on the other, quieter side of the floor
and i can still hang out in the suite
but i’ll have my own
room, with my things and my pictures
i can paint the walls any color i like
i’ll have a clean kitchen
with lots of fridge space
i’ll lose my view of the Charles,
but in two years i can live on the Charles side again
so i can put up with it until i’m a junior
i suppose

Micah’s probably coming to see me in March,
too, which will be wonderful.  he’ll be here for
St. Patrick’s Day, and we’ll
go to the North End for gelato
and spend all of the weekend wandering around
campus and lazing
together in bed
not worrying about people walking in
on us.
how wonderful.

home in 11 days.


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