December 3, 2007

a girl i know’s boyfriend died last night.
i don’t know how or why
i think he might have been in Iraq;
he was a Marine.
she’s in the NROTC program with me
studying to become a nurse for the military
i think she wanted to be a Navy nurse so that
she’d see him more often
even when he was deployed.

it’s snowing here
so much that i can’t even see the Harvard bridge
let alone Boston
and the cars are hissing on Memorial Drive
but there’s still that quiet here,
that muffled feeling of stillness
the river’s the color of slate
and the sky looks like it’s raining ashes
the snow isn’t beautiful today.

some days even the things that should make me happy
just feel ugly.

i’m praying for you, Sabina.
i can’t imagine how hard it must be for you today.


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