a nighttime conversation on instant messanger.

November 26, 2007

him (10:23:44 PM): you should write about the darkness
him(10:23:48 PM): and christmas lights
him (10:23:55 PM): and prayer
him (10:24:00 PM): and calendars
him(10:24:05 PM): and old songs
him(10:24:12 PM): and dog whistles
me (10:24:05 PM): Dog whistles?
him(10:24:20 PM): and marble
me (10:24:08 PM): Christmas bells
him(10:24:22 PM): yeah
me (10:24:13 PM): Granite counters.
him(10:24:32 PM): and post-it notes
him (10:24:39 PM): and cracked windows
me (10:24:29 PM): Pocket sized pictures.
him (10:25:02 PM): and the feeling you get when you shiver
him (10:25:15 PM): and streetlamps
me (10:25:09 PM): Winter sunlight
him(10:25:33 PM): and snowflakes
him (10:25:45 PM): and the feeling of bass against your feet
him (10:26:04 PM): and the circle around the moon
me (10:25:55 PM): Scratchy beards.
me (10:26:13 PM): Cold hands.
him (10:26:32 PM): and the feeling you get when everything goes right
him (10:27:02 PM): and the beat that grabs you
him (10:27:10 PM): and drawn curtains
him (10:27:33 PM): and the sound of people breathing
me (10:27:24 PM): Hearts beating.
him (10:27:50 PM): and eyes
him (10:28:37 PM): and flying
me (10:28:27 PM): Waking up to hear someone’s voice
him (10:28:53 PM): and long hair
me (10:28:40 PM): Sheets on bare skin
him(10:29:08 PM): and stretching so wide in the morning
me (10:29:19 PM): Morning mouth
him (10:29:32 PM): and birds chirping
him(10:29:40 PM): and morning kisses
me (10:29:32 PM): The way snow makes an almost-sound on the window pane

him(10:30:03 PM): the whiney of the wind
him (10:30:32 PM): and feet on cold floor
me (10:31:05 PM): Fireplaces
me (10:31:08 PM): Woodsmoke in the afternoon
him (10:31:28 PM): and hands tracing eyes and ears and eyebrows and mouth and nose
him (10:32:07 PM): and leaves blowing in the afternoon winds
me (10:32:05 PM): Beautiful songs that make you cry
me (10:32:27 PM): I miss you.
him(10:32:47 PM): i miss you too

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