Thanksgiving thoughts

November 23, 2007

i am thankful for
my incredible school
the people i live with
my family, who might not always have
their priorities straight, but
at the end of the day,
will always, always be there for me.
my cat, and the five pounds she has gained
since i left for school.
having enough food to eat,
even if a lot of it is spaghetti
(cheap and good!)
warm clothes to wear
being home for the holidays
friends who are more than friends
because three months doesn’t mean anything
family gatherings
snow on Thanksgiving eve
the sunlight on my bed in the morning
knowing that i’m on the right track
making my own decisions,
deciding my own life
for the person who has shown me what happiness is
who loves every part of me
because of me
the person who has given me renewed faith in the world and
makes me believe that there has to be a God,
because someone like him had to come from somewhere
the person that i hope i can spend
the rest of my life with

i am grateful to be alive, and healthy,
and happy, and finally
i’m whole.


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