November 22, 2007

yesterday seemed so long,
every hour seemed like a day and when i finally left campus
i took the earlier shuttle because i was
too impatient to sit in my room any longer
my original flight was delayed by two hours; i got to the airport so early,
i was put on standby for the earlier flight
i got the seat and came home early
it was snowing as we landed, the whole world was black
with white sparkles and
i didn’t see the ground until we were on it
the whole flight, all i wanted was to be here
i was so impatient!
we landed at 8:23 and i was off
walking out of the gate, through the terminal to
just past security where families were waiting
i didn’t even have to search, my eyes were on him as soon as
i turned my head to face the crowd
he pushed past some people; i did too
we met each other halfway and
oh, just holding him as tightly as i could
felt like the most right thing in the world.
coming home, it was sort of like
i’d never left
seeing family, old friends
my bedroom
just sitting there with him
not having to say anything

it’s so good to be here.


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