mon cheri

October 10, 2007

 in the morning
the light coming in through
the curtains – so
soft, the way
it touches your face
eyes closed and you’re
breathing deep
the smell of you in
the morning, i lean in
your hand resting on my side,
skin on skin
all shadows and shimmers
the sun coming up
i touch your face the way the sun does
so lightly, as if you
might break
like a seashell or
my heart
as if
pressing too hard,
i’ll push through to tomorrow
when all i want is to
stop here and
now with you.
so fast asleep, like a child
turning your face into my shoulder
with a slow sigh
stroking your hair and watching
your face
you can’t hear me, but
i’ll tell you again
(and again and again and again)


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