September 29, 2007

 whenever i’m walking around campus and i see janitors cleaning the halls, i always think of the movie “Good Will Hunting” and wonder how many geniuses we have walking unaware among us.

you know how i always thought i was under so much pressure?
my definition of “stress” has completely blown away
i don’t know what to do anymore
living day to day
until tomorrow
or next week
or Friday in St. Louis
until i see your face again
oh God, i love you
you’re all i think of,
even when i’m stumbling drunk
and can’t say “Saint Louis” without slurring
or type the words without misspelling.
people always tell me it won’t last but
it’s lasting.

i love you oh so very much


One Response to “”

  1. iamtimslife Says:

    Hey there, I stumbled across this through facebook. Let’s be friends?

    ps – Interesting writing style. …in a good way.

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