any other way

September 1, 2007

my room has three windows facing the Charles River.

the sun shines in all day.

at night i can see the skyline.

i love this city, i love this college.  i’m fighting back terror every second of every day but it’s beautiful here, i just feel so right, i’m still adjusting but this is it.  i am here and this is everything.  it’s amazing.

i’m making friends (sort of) my floor is very friendly and people are very nice.  i’ve only found one person i really connect with well, his name is Dan Ainge which i think is a perversion of “ange” which i think is pretty.  he is very tall and has very blue eyes and gives good hugs.  he makes fun of me a lot.

i have piles and piles of photos across my desk waiting to be hung up and i’d kind of like to put them up tonight but i’m so tired.

my floor is taking us to the beach tomorrow!  i didn’t even know there was a beach we could go to.

classes start Wednesday.  dear God.

ahhhhh this is crazy but good.


One Response to “any other way”

  1. i’m glad you’re liking it so far 🙂

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