smart ass

June 22, 2007

drunk drunk and
drunker still and
“there’s a bonfire across the street!” and
“hey, mind if we join you?” and
smoking peach-flavored
cigars and Camel 9s and
this can of Nattie well it
reminds me of home
home?  where the heart is
what a stupid thing to say!
no such thing as a home these days
this Nattie tastes just like Lakeside
remember the first time 
i was high
we were out on the marina we were 
lying on the shoreline those
stars so bright
all of them shooting
skidding across the sky
last night we wandered down Oakland
God! i was so stoned
my feet felt so light, i was
walking on waves
stopping for gyros and heading out
down to the beach (yet again)
climbing those rocks to see
the sky where it never ends and
i close my eyes and you’re drifting past
floating away someday
i lost my cigarettes somewhere between the 
Open Pantry and the lake
but hey, smoking’s no good and
we all know i never make
stupid decisions.


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