found this pinned to my wall

June 7, 2007

if i should die this very moment
i wouldn’t fear,
for i’ve never known completeness
like being here
wrapped in the warmth of  you
loving every breath of you,

i think it’s from Moulin Rouge.
i do miss feeling this way, but something seems to have changed in the past few days and suddenly i’m realizing that i will feel this way again.  not with him (i can’t do it anymore, i won’t ever again i mean it because i can’t do this to myself) but i will feel it.  i know it.

lately it hits me in sharp stabs, hard jabs to my rib cage because of a word or a turn or the wind on my face, but just as quickly as it comes it’s gone and i keep walking.  like i always do.


2 Responses to “found this pinned to my wall”

  1. it was used in moulin rouge…it’s a song called gorecki by a not-so-well-known band, lamb. i have it if you’d like to hear the whole thing <3

  2. I love this entry–I feel like this is a whole new level of thought. You made it 🙂

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