cutting keyholes

May 27, 2007

i –
well, it’s just that
i miss you
very much
i am not content
to have holes in 
my life, i am
not happy
i miss you 
so so so so
when it smells like
rain, and growing things
i can breathe you in
– you are 
i don’t know where
you are)
and even if we can’t
be, i still 
love you
just as much
as i never knew it
was possible
lying in the 
grass, the stop lights
flashing.  i’m wearing
the keyhole 
you cut me, i 
wear it always.  i
run my fingers over it
i wish it would cut me.
do you wear the key? 
i gave you
(not willingly,
no, you held that key
without a choice, it only
needed to be placed 
in your hands)
reminds me of you
and God,
what i would give to see Your face.


One Response to “cutting keyholes”

  1. Alie…this poem worries me, for a lot of reasons. Let’s talk soon.

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