i need this for tomorrow

May 13, 2007

if you have found this,

(that’s what the note says, neatly angled letters in a line across the paper)

i am looking for you.

it is no bigger than his palm, a corner of a sheet of looseleaf, damp with exposure.  the wind is blowing and it jumps in his hand like a sparrow wanting to be free.  he reads the words again, and again, and touches them with one finger.  the note is signed:


he wonders who “a” is.  what it stands for, who it belongs to.  alex, amber, autumn, abigail; none of them are right.  the note has no name but there is someone behind it that he can feel; he is not holding a piece of paper but someone’s hand.  they will be ink stained, he knows, with square palms and always cold.  if you were to ask him how he knows that, he would not be able to tell you, but he knows just the same.


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