May 6, 2007

forgive me, i don’t mean to
really, i’m so sorry
i mean —
no, thank you, but —
it’s just that,
i was lying on the front lawn
playing on the pavement
those streetlights —
flickering —
they were on my face,
they were
in my eyes
it was like sunlight, the way
those sparks flew
–dark ground, and the smell of
the wind in the trees, it
seems to sing, sometimes
i was just lying
just there
waiting and watching
for the 
cars driving past
four limos went by once; a hand
held out the window
held something that glowed
i wanted to hold it, too
you didn’t walk past, but 
i wasn’t really expecting you to.
the cars —
that’s what i was watching for.
and on the grass, just 
past midnight (or so my watch says)
it — well —
i wanted to ask you
(or maybe just those cars,
flying by)
does it really matter so little?
or — stop me if i’m wrong —
no, really —
does it really matter so much?


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