the end (reprise)

April 28, 2007

i knew as soon as
i saw you in the door
things had changed
and i could have guessed this
would happen,
i saw it
a million
(or maybe just
a few thousand
[the distance to
Paris, you know])
miles away
i wish i could fly that far
most of the time
and in the end,
i don’t know exactly why
the way the 
light shines on Erin’s face
and we’re throwing
letters across the floor, our hands
stretching out, throwing away
letting go
i am so so so tired
but things keep wanting
to break, i keep wanting to
run against the wind
i wanted to mean enough to
just enough that
you could come home
and i would not be different.

i do this every time,
it seems like i might —

well, a second chance is all you get.
(don’t touch me ever again)


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