the truth is

March 5, 2007

last night was perfect, in a horrible, awkward way.

i’m trying not to live my life in the future or past tense.

i’ve given up on making the right choices, and i’ve given up on not being hurt again.

which is why i’m doing this.

because i don’t want to do anything else.

i have these last few months to live the rest of my life.

and i’ll live it until i die.


4 Responses to “the truth is”

  1. rose_ncrantz Says:

    I love that photo. And I’m sorry.

  2. i am confused…and scared.

    • Don’t worry, she’s okay, she’s just being her usual self 😛 Alie is in no imminent danger. Except maybe death from too much goodies. Which is a pretty good way to go I think.

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