day dreaming

February 28, 2007

i’m sick
again, so when
i came home from school
today, i took a nap.
i felt the afternoon bleed away as
i curled into myself
i dreamt
about a wide wide parking lot
there was snow
on the ground, cracks
in the pavement.
it felt very far away, i saw
Erin, she smiled at me
and she said
“we are infinitely divine”
and then she walked away.
i walked across the lot,
splashing in puddles
watching plastic bags whisper past
my mother was waiting beside 
a vendor’s trailer, they passed down
hot falafel and pita bread
“mama,” i said,
“we are infinitely divine”
“i know,” she said,
putting her hand on my sister’s head.
“we are infinitely divine.”
i woke up then;
i said
“we are infinitely divine”
as i looked at myself in the mirror
and saw that
my hair stuck up every which way.


One Response to “day dreaming”

  1. rose_ncrantz Says:

    I really really really like this for some reason.

    “We are infinitely divine.”

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