message to the masses

February 14, 2007

on the 13th day
of the 2nd month
i never wanted it
to stop
and it didn’t,
it kept falling, it kept
blowing past the
outside my window.
it was snowing,
we went for a walk.
i felt the whole sky 
on top of me, the whole
everything was in
side of me
the clouds were shades of
orange and violet,
downtown sparking golden nights
out on the eastern horizon,
sunrise on its way.
on the corner of Wells and 67th
you asked me
“if you could write one thing for
the whole world to see, what would you write?”
i said, “all you need is love”
(but it sounded cliche as soon as i said it)
you laughed at me, so i asked
“what would you write?”

with your toes in the snow, your
dark head bent in
concentration (on the words? on the street? on the night?)
you wrote in cursive, each
letter spiraling outwards
across the street,
glittering streetlamps overhead
when i turned my face upwards
you kept writing and writing
i felt like it was flying away,
i felt like you would never stop
i wanted to put my hands on your words, i wanted
to keep it for myself
i wanted it to be
illegible, because i didn’t want
you to write anything for
the whole world –
just for me.
you spun out on the last word,
snow flying off of you
breaking spells you couldn’t have cast
“be disciplined in life,”
you said,
“so that you can be free in your dreams.”
but i can never remember
my dreams



2 Responses to “message to the masses”

  1. this is one of my favorites thus far.

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