drop-dead gorgeous

February 9, 2007

i feel safe
i know that no
matter what,
i will get
lights are a little lighter
not enough to make me
this time, i will
crash and burn, baby
crash and burn
i’ll lie back in the ashes, smoking
strawberry cigarettes
waving to the jetstreams going
the sun shine
on in on me.
it’ll be a grand
old day, they’ll let go of red
balloons and 
the sky will fill up with scarlet.
i’ll run the race, because there’s no
difference between winning
and losing.
it’s when
you’re running that
it really counts.
i want so much to kiss you
again, i want to feel
you and me
it’s okay, i know you’re busy
i’m waiting in my ashtray
i’ll light another cigarette
the sky bleeds
over crimson, i let it in my eyes
lying back to see the clouds
to let your lips on my
good night until the next time.


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