January 31, 2007

you are
no, i am
losing it

i hum sad songs
to make myself 
feel better.

according to the Upanishads,
“since there is no real
difference between slayer
and slain, one should
not worry 
too much about the necessity
of killing
or being killed”

i am not sure how you justify that.

my friend told me that
he doesn’t believe in
love, and
i don’t know how
to live like that.
i said,
if you had been 
in love,
you would believe
but then,
he doesn’t believe in

i wish that i had
done this, or 
maybe just that it hadn’t happened
this way.

my lips taste like blood
(they are too chapped)
i will be in
in five days, i will
i don’t know.

sometimes i lose my train of thought.

talk to me, again, please.


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