reflections for Erin

January 23, 2007

self-absorption is
the key
to who
am i

(i am afraid of being left alone)
angry and
but mostly just

pencils and papers and prima donnas

there is 
love inside
a polaroid camera

frozen fingers
dusty wooden Buddhas

making lists of 
i am
i don’t
i feel
i think
i want

tomorrow feels very far
sometimes i reach
too far

i love you too much
to let this
fall apart
i am terrified of
seeing you
(this is different
from anything
else –
this is
more important)


One Response to “reflections for Erin”

  1. fine, you better add me too then. even though I don’t know why you’d want to read my livejournal, I just rant in it like a stupid little emo lol

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