tell her you’re searching for her soul

January 15, 2007

it’s freezing in my house.

i’m writing a paper on Albert Camus and absurdism right now.  i’m finding the philosophy very appealing.

nothing makes sense.  nothing is supposed to make sense.  there isn’t any point in anything.  trying to find meaning in the world is futile because it doesn’t exist.  so instead we should recognize the futility of searching for meaning and just accept that everything is the way it is – messed up, broken, beaten, confused, ridiculous, absurd.

i keep looking and looking and i’m starting to think that maybe Camus is right.  maybe it’s just not there.

i am very cold, my sweater is not warm enough, and my cat is glaring at me because she wants me to come to bed.  i’d rather be horizontal, but i should finish at least most of this paper.

i’m getting there, i guess.


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